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 If you liked any of my RPM Challenge tracks from last month enough to load on your playback device, they are now available for free/pay what you will download here:

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Because I wanted to do one track more than the minimum requirement (which is 10 tracks or 35 min of music) I used Leafcutter John's Forester sampling/looping app plus selected annual sampling and fx to create a "track of tracks" containing all of the 19 instruments I used:

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 Last minimum required track - I was out of new melodic instruments, so did looping of my own whistling with some mandolin:

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I spent about 10 hours on this one today, due to not being a guitarist plus having a nearly-toy guitar:

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Someone at Loog Guitars really liked my RPM Challenge piece #2 on which I used my Loog, and wrote a VERY complimentary blog about it and me:

The Loog Guitar Goes Pro

Loog Guitars are perfect for kids and adults who want to learn guitar and have a good eye for cool design. But what we at the Loog Team personally love about it is that, at the end of the day, the Loog is still a guitar: an instrument you can play with and play on, letting you finally find your own sound.

And that’s exactly what Betty Widerski saw in the Loog. Betty is one of our amazing Kickstarter backers but she’s also a great violinist and the soul behindReverse Polish Notation (RPN), her own musical outlet. Her sound is definitely unique and powerful, with loops, songs and improvisations that manage to capture emotions in just four to five minutes of instrumental bliss.

And she also uses the Loog in her work.

For instance, take a listen to Memento, a soulful and nostalgic tune she created, using a Loog, a kalimba and a soprano recorder. The Loog just got serious!

So thanks Betty for your awesome work and for showing just how versatile the Loog is!

And if you’re in the Boston area, you’re in for a treat: Betty will be performing in Cantab Lounge & Club Bohemia on Friday, February 24 in Cambridge at 8:00 PM. Tell us if you’ll be there in the comments (we seriously want pictures).

For more updates on Betty’s work, check our her soundcloud or follow RPN on Twitter.

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Guitar and pennywhistle. Recorded on a multi-track iphone app via the iphone's mic, because I wasn't feeling like going to my studio or setting up gear in my BR. I may re-record the guitar track later because I used the Loog but then this morning remembered that I have another small guitar I've yet to use for this month.

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Piano, bass, drums. I am a player of none of these, so there are some tempo and alignment bumps - if I get a chance before 2/29 I may try to use Logic to quantize them.

Tired because I was up until 2am mixing!
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#4 - electric bass, drums, melodica

#5 - harmonica, mandolin, bass, drums

#6 - glockenspiel, mandolin

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FFR here's the Soundcloud set to which I'm adding RPM Challenge tracks as they are created. New one today (so four so far), plus bonus draft album cover!

And for bonus geekery: since free DW accounts only allow one cross-posting account, I'm testing cascading: my [personal profile] rpnband DW account x-posting to my [personal profile] bettyw DW account, which is x-posting to my [livejournal.com profile] bettyw LJ account >;-0
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This was interesting to do - I now own a full electronic drum set so that Ginger Ibex can practice in my Malden office/studio, but I have never done kit drumming. So of course I don't start out with a basic 3 or 4 beat, but with a pattern of 7/8-7/8-7/8-5/8! It didn't take too long to get into the stick groove, but after a test track of kick drum I decided not to try to add pedal work for now.

And my harp skills consist of 6 group lessons at CCAE 15+ yrs ago, plus 4 yrs attending Deborah Henson-Conant's Celebration Barn workshops (not playing harp myself).

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It's RPM Challenge time again - write and record a 10-song album entirely during February. This year my theme is "use ALL the instruments!", i.e., the wide variety of sound-making gear I don't normally use on stage. I'm off to a decent start with two already in the can:

I will also be an officially published writer! Some of my lyrics (for "Amiga Pesadilla") are included in the soon-to-be released anthology "Census 3" by Irish publisher Seven Towers Agency. Too bad I won't make the launch party Feb 22 in Dublin >;-0 But I'll probably have a free download opportunity once I learn which were included.
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