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Greetings Friends & Fans!

Happy Spring (hoping for not much more snow)! I've been busy doing studio work and an on-line course recently, but do have a few things to show for it, as well as a Ginger Ibex gig this weekend.

As you may recall I usually spend the month of February participating in the RPM Challenge, which involves composing and recording an album of 10 original musical ideas in 28 days. This year my Ginger Ibex partner Sharon Crumrine asked to do it with me - the result is an album we call "The Rusty Goat Sessions". We did a lot of experimentation with new sounds and techniques in my office studio - you can hear the results on line at our Soundcloud account:

You may purchase a physical CD via this link.

And though I did record and mix the RPM Challenge album myself I have much more to learn about music production, so I'm taking a free online course from Berklee on that topic. Since the weekly homework assignments are to teach something we studied that week to other class members you can see some of my assignments as videos on my YouTube channel.

And finally: Ginger Ibex is performing this Saturday March 30th at The Lily Pad in Inman Sq Cambridge MA, starting at 10pm sharp. Tickets at the door are $10, but if you order them in advance from our presale site you not only save about 75 cents ($8 plus a fee) but you will also get a free MP3 download of the RPM Challenge album!

Coming up in April: I'll be making my drum kit debut at the Ladies Rock Camp showcase at TT the Bear's Place Sunday April 14th!


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Don't forget to check out What Betty Knows as well!


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